Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cheap Makeup Vs. High-End Makeup....Oh the Pressure?!!!




How are my dolls doing?! Hopefully all are doing fabulous! :) Today's Topic.....Makeup :) Let me start off by saying that I'm a proud owner of both high-end and cheap cosmetic brands; and I personally favor both the same. When I first got into makeup I was like many of you watching tutorials on Youtube and felt that if I didn't own high-end products (including makeup tools) that I couldn't simply achieve those looks in the videos. In my case, all I saw were MAC Cosmetics and MAC brushes in those tutorials, so naturally I felt the pressure to own those particular products. At the time, I just simply couldn't afford it and because of that I kinda felt inferior and simply to put it lightly....I felt like a LOSER! <---Not a great feeling.

 Over time I started to build my makeup collection and learned that there's nothing wrong with owning "affordable makeup". I will say that I've came across personalities (people) that only favor "high-end" products and even made it perfectly clear that they would never purchase low-end makeup, and to me that saddens me. I don't know about you guys but to me that's the WRONG mentality! Whether you're an aspiring makeup artist or a shouldn't down others and make them feel inferior just because they can't afford "high-end". I applaud all those pros that keep it real and are honest and use both high-end and cheap makeup and are not afraid to admit it. High-end or the end of the day it's still makeup, the only thing is that the quality is different; Agreed?. If you claim that you're a so called "skilled" makeup artist than you can use any kind of product to your advantage regardless of the price, in my opinion. Over time I've also learned that some products of the cheap makeup brands even out-shine some of the high-end ones and that's the truth my beauties!

 The point I'm trying to get at's not the product that makes you but the SKILL that you have to apply makeup period. So dolls it's okay to work with what you got and be proud of it; there is nothing to be ashamed of. CONFIDENCE is key Ladies and Gentleman. I hope this entry gave you some type of insight on how to look at beauty products differently and in a more positive light :). Let me know what you guys think about this entry and what are your thoughts when it comes to owning high-end or cheap makeup or both. Till next time my lovelies! Have a Fab Day!



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nails-On-Go? Yes Please!!

Welcome to my blog my fellow beauties and fashionistas!! I'm kinda new to this whole blogging world so please forgive me for any errors and please feel free to give me any suggestions. Feedback is always welcome here :) If you haven't read the description in my profile yet basically to just keep it brief and straight to the point....I'm a Fashion/Makeup Junkie! Anything that has to do with beauty or fashion I'm there. :) But I'm not going to make this blog entry all about me, that's a whole different story and a blog entry itself lol. By all means read my description in my profile if you want to learn a little bit about me :). Anyway enough about me lets get to the topic I wanted to touch upon in this entry....You guessed it....... Nail Strips!!


I know I'm not the only woman on the planet that is always on-the-go and is always looking for easy or fast beauty fixes; In this case.....our nails Ladies! :) Me, personally, I don't always have time to go the nail salon to go get a mani or pedi. And for many of us, time is not always on our side; we all have busy lives and I'm sure the majority of us women can agree to this. So for the time being, in my opinion, these beauties are the solution. These nail strips are my lifesavers! Literally! You just simply apply the strip that fits the nail best and viola!! No drying time! Just get up and go!! What a beauty right?!

Now grant it that there are several different brands out there and not all of them have the exact same result. What do I mean?? Well it's simple really, it might come down to how long they might last (the dealbreaker for many) or if the application process is more difficult or maybe something as simple as the smell or scent of the strip. Everyone has their own preference. Whichever the case may be, the bottom-line is not every nailstrip brand is going to give you the same experience. For example, the Sally Hansen strips last way longer then the Revlon ones, in my opinion.




Nevertheless, whoever came up with this concept was brilliant and a genius in my book. Some women hate them and some love them; I personally love them for their convenience. Don't get me wrong, I'm a true nail polish lover and always will be but when there's absolutely no time I stick with these babies! :) The following snap shots are from having them on for six days. :)

Let me know what are your thoughts on these, I would love to hear from you guys! :) I'm sorry if this blog entry seems so short and straight to the point; I am such a newbie guys :) Thanks to those who took the time to read or post a comment! And always remember Ladies to always stay Fancy! Have a fabulous day! Until next time. :)