Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Long Awaited M*A*C Lazy Sunday :)

Hello my lovelies!!! Finally another blog entry and I'm so sorry for the wait :( I've been so busy as of late but I finally feel like I'm back on track. Well the title I gave this post is really self explanatory, If you don't know.....I have a total obsession with Nudes and Pinks when it comes to Lip Colour, it's more of a problem really and that's to say the least. Here is a swatch on my lips of the colour M*A*C's Lazy Sunday, isn't it just GORGEOUS!!
Where to even start dolls!!! It all started when I first started to see this Lip Colour on IG  where I absolutely fell in Loveee with it and became obsessed in hunting it down. It took me a good two months to track it down considering that this item was limited edition and was no longer sold by M*A*C. I wanted to see for myself if all the swatches I've seen rang true and that I was not hallucinating on how beautiful I thought this color was in those pictures. And Ladies and Gentlemen.....I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! I truly do not have any complaints at all, it is such a perfect baby pink color that I can't even stand it, it is so GORG! It's a perfect layering lippie, and also works as a great cheek color; definitely an item that's worth having in your makeup collection or for any makeup lover to own.  The smell of it is lovely, smells like BubbleGum and the texture is just so creamy and it actually feels moisturizing to the lips which is a total plus for me. Here are some pictures of it on my lips with flash and without.


In the pictures I only have the actual Lip Colour on, there is no lipliner and  no lip primer underneath. I don't know about what are your thoughts on it from just seeing it but to me it gives me that perfect pouty look and just makes the lips look kissable and so so sexy!! I can only imagine when I start playing with different lippies to go with it that I'll probably fall in love with it even more!! Sorry guys if it seems that I sound like a total Lipstick Junkie and the truth is..... I'm totally guilty of it!!! Next pictures coming up are some other swatches I've done  of this beauty. It might look a little bit sheer in the picture and I apologize but it was so hard trying to capture and keep the integrity of the this color through the lens, seriously the pictures do not give it any justice!! I need differently lighting for sure dolls!

I really can't say anything bad about this beauty. I would certainly recommend it to you if you are a lover of pink lippies. I totally forgot to mention that a plus to this product is that it's a buildable lippie meaning that you can make as bright as you want it or if you want a more sheer/subtle look then just apply one layer of it on your lips. If you can get your hands on it ladies you will not be disappointed that's for sure!! Happy Hunting My Beauties and remember Always Stay Fancy!! Hope this entry has been helpful, until next time my loves!




  1. Such a pretty color! cute blog, I'm following you so I can see more posts

    1. Thank You so much Love!! I appreciate the support lovey :) XOXO

  2. Nice blog:) I found you off of beautylish!

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    1. Thank you Love!! Still got to fix it up but I appreciate you stopping by :)